We are a locally-owned family tour operator native to Gandoca . We have ample experience working in sustainable tourism and in sea turtle conservation in Gandoca as well as other communities in Costa Rica and Panama. We offer sustainable tourism and volunteer programs that have an emphasis on preserving the natural resources and the culture of our community. We provide a unique experience that takes you from being a tourist to being a change agent; enjoying the natural resources and while also playing a role in protecting them.


To facilitate authentic cultural immersion experiences that promote intercultural understanding and community-based natural resource conservation.


To provide a positive, unique experience to our visitors while promoting community economic development and natural resource conservation projects.


Gandoca is the southernmost Caribbean coastal town of Costa Rica, located on the border with Panama. Gandoca is surrounded by the National Wildlife Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo.

Gandoca is a small, rural community of about 600 residents. It is not developed touristically like it’s neighbors, Puerto Viejo and  Manzanillo. We Gandocans approach rural tourism as a way to protect our great biodiversity of flora and fauna while also promoting cultural exchange and understanding.